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Quemados de Guines, Las Villas, Cuba



John Angel Studios – Florence, Italy 1994-1995


Schuler School of Fine Arts – Baltimore, Maryland 1991- 1994 

School of Visual Arts – New York, New York 1969-1972, 1976-1977


In 2001 Jorge Alberto was awarded a bronze medal for his work at the International Biannual of Contemporary Art from the City of Florence, Italy. 890 artist from 40 countries entered this competition. 

Jorge Alberto Gonzalez  lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, and paints under the name of Jorge Alberto. For Jorge Alberto, Baltimore offers an extensive cultural community and is conveniently located near major metropolitan cities, such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City where he enjoys support from the artistic community. A former resident of Florence Italy, Jorge Alberto returns each year to paint and reflect in this city of creative masters.

Jorge Alberto emigrated to the United States with his family in 1965

My Mentors

Thanks to: My family for supporting and nourishing my childhood dream of becoming an artist, especially my mother for helping me develop my artistic talent very early on in my life. I never experienced any opposition from my parents when at a very early age I expressed my desire to become a fine artist  They supported me and lovingly nurtured my talent.”  I also gives credit to Ann D. Schuler and John Michael Angel for teaching me the trade and how to use my talent to create masterful works of art.

I always admired the master specially Michelangelo da Merici da Caravaggio and IXX Century American trompe l’oeil painter William Harnett.  Contemporary artist that I admire includes French trompe l’oeil painter Jacques Poirier, Chilean painter Claudio Brabo, and Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum among others.