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Quemados de Guines, Las Villas, Cuba



John Angel Studios – Florence, Italy 1994-1995


Schuler School of Fine Arts – Baltimore, Maryland 1991- 1994 

School of Visual Arts – New York, New York 1969-1972, 1976-1977


In 2001 Jorge Alberto was awarded a bronze medal for his work at the International Biannual of Contemporary Art from the City of Florence, Italy. 890 artist from 40 countries entered this competition. 

Jorge Alberto Gonzalez  lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, and paints under the name of Jorge Alberto. For Jorge Alberto, Baltimore offers an extensive cultural community and is conveniently located near major metropolitan cities, such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City where he enjoys support from the artistic community. A former resident of Florence Italy, Jorge Alberto returns each year to paint and reflect in this city of creative masters.

Jorge Alberto emigrated to the United States with his family in 1965

Becoming a Painter

My story: I remember as a young boy telling my mother I wanted to grow to be an artist.  Since she wanted to study art herself and never had the means to do so she found this revelation most pleasing encouraging me to do so.  As a result of the support I received from my parents, becoming an artist was natural for me.  I credit them for nurturing my need to be creative.In 1965 I emigrated with my family to Mexico. After a four month stay in Mexico City we made home in Union City, New Jersey.

Coming to a country with a different language was very frightening for a 16 year old. All I desired to do however was to lear the language and to go to art school to pursue my passion.  In 1969 upon graduating from high school, I started formally studying art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

In 1972 after finishing the three year program offered by the school, I graduated with a certificate of completion with honors.  A year later I was hired by the school and worked in their graphics art department for three years earning numerous awards.

The School of Visual Arts started offering degrees in 1975 so I completed my studies and earned a Bachelor of Fine Art with a graphic design major. At that time my decision to become a graphic designer was prompted by the need to provide for my parents and thought that Fine Painting would not allow me to do so.

My ability to visualize a finish project and my sensitivity for design and color secured a job for me in 1978 in Baltimore, Maryland, with WJZ-TV in their graphics art department.  My tenure with WJZ lasted fifteen years,  from 1978-1994, during that time my duties ranged from make-up artistry, set design, construction and styling to computer graphics and animation.  While working for WJZ was a tremendous opportunity, not only professionally but financially, my desire to become a fine artist never left my heart.

In 1990 following my dream to become a fine painter I started attending part-time evening classes at Schuler School of Fine Arts.  After meeting Ann D. Schuler, the school founder, I took her advice and in 1991 enrolled as  a full time student while continuing to hold a full time job.The move to this country taught me a very important lesson, that in order to get where you need to be, change has to occur, and that change does not come without some kind of sacrifice. To become a painter I worked nights at the TV station and studied at Schuler School during the day.  I did this with a lot of pleasure for four years.

The day I started Schuler School I made a promise to myself that after completing the four years require by the school I would move to Florence, Italy and continue studying painting there.  In 1994 after graduating from the school I moved to Italy.  While in Florence I met John Michael Angel and under his guidance I perfected my skills as a painter.

I feel that I am at a turning point in my career. For the future would like to spend more time experimenting with the idea of taking the painted image beyond the confinement of the frame, as can be seeing in “El Martirio de San Sebastian”, “Ready for picking” and “Apple Green and Blue”.  With the concept of  bringing the painted image out of the restriction enforced by the frame.


 "#2" oil on panel - 12 x 12 inches